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By | October 30, 2015

At the forefront of many pharmaceutical companies, specialized clinical centers, as well as geriatric centers, there are nowadays substances classified to the group nootropic or smart drugs. These are chemical substances that are closely related to the metabolic conversion of brain cells, especially the ganglion cells of the cerebral cortex, which is the seat of higher nervous activity. Nootropic agents or smart drugs also have positively affect consciousness, memory, ability to learn and learn, communicate, talk, etc. These functions can be disrupted by sudden changes in various brain injury, stroke, poisoning, etc., Which is then reflected confusion, disorientation and possibly coma. It is a disorder of metabolic conversion of glucose (which is adjacent to an oxygen main energy source for the brain), and also a fault neurotransmission (decrease mediators, or substances that allow the flow of information between nerve elements). In other protracted processes, e.g. at the beginning of atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, senile dementia, etc., there are somewhat different, milder disorders: restlessness, distractibility and affective instability.


The loss of mental function also takes place in the context of the normal aging process, often in forties. There are many people who suddenly find that they are somehow not learning, work will begin to compromise and lose the battle with younger sympathetic and more sagacious. Acquired experience already in an era of rapidly evolving technology is not enough. Barrage of information is necessary not only to accept but also to organize, preserve and utilize the appropriate time.

The price is as bellow:

  • One month supply –¬†39.95$
  • Two month supply – 64.95$
  • Three month supply – 89.95$

Research on Cognimaxx XL

In the experiments, Cognimaxx XL showed improved short-term memory, concentration thinking and reduce fatigue. Indications include the treatment of disorders of brain function based on organic CNS (organic psychosyndrome) conditions after strokes, craniocerebral traumas and intoxications. Cognimaxx XL should be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding only after careful consideration of benefit for the mother and the risk to the fetus and newborn. It is an alkaloid with strong effect to blockade of alpha1adrenergic receptor, which is manifested by improving cerebral circulation, further improves glucose utilization in the CNS and oxygen, improves protein synthesis, increases the level of ATP. It positively affects the deformability erythrocytes and reduces platelet aggregate ability, has an inhibitory effect on the aggregation thrombocytes. Its use is indicated for the treatment of vascular syndromes or degenerative origin characterized by cognitive deterioration functions with reduced intellect, affective, behavioral and somatic disorders such as amnesia, decrease in vigilance and capabilities concentration, mood swings, dizziness, fatigue, vestibular and cochlear disorders.

Vinpocetine is a substance derived from the alkaloid vincamine, contained in the periwinkle. It improves brain metabolism, increasing glucose and oxygen consumption of brain tissue, improves the hypoxia tolerance of brain cells. Shifts metabolism glucose energetically more favorable aerobic processes and improves concentration ATP in the brain. Increases cerebral metabolism noradrenaline and serotonin stimulates the ascending noradrenergic system and improves cognitive function. Improves cerebral microcirculation; inhibits the aggregation platelet reduces pathologically increased blood viscosity. Indications of vinpocetine include treatment of circulatory disturbances of CNS effects of different origin (e.g. postapoplektického, posttraumatic, vascular choroid and retina disorders, hearing impairment or vascular toxic origin). Vinpocetine is the main part of Cognimaxx XL.


Cognimaxx XL improves brain glucose utilization

In addition, it contains approximately forty identified components which are standardized to defined content of flavonoid glycosides and terpene lactones. The active substance e.g. vasodilatation in arterial areas, has rheology and anti-agglomerating slightly effect; reducing capillary permeability has a slightly anti-edema, improves glucose utilization and reduce lipid peroxidation. Indications include memory disorders, attention, emotional instability, particularly to chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency and dementia. It is disorder of the peripheral circulation and microcirculation. Cognimaxx XL acts improvements in certain sensory disorders arising on the basis of insufficient blood supply. Regarding the effects on pregnancy and lactation in humans, there are no precise pharmacoepidemiological data.

Cognimaxx XL contains a number of substances such as ginsenosides, saponins, and polysaccharides, glycans. Prospective by the mechanism of action is intracellular improvement in glucose utilization and oxygen and rheological effects. Indications include reduction of mental skills, ability to concentrate, memory problems, especially on the basis of degenerative, vascular or mixed dementia. Cognimaxx XL contains ginsenoside that is also included in some dietary supplements.

Cognimaxx XL help birth brain disorders

A wide range of behavioral changes we see in the learning process in children and youth. The basis for these disorders often involves birth pathology, e.g. a brain hemorrhage during difficult or prolonged childbirth. Here Cognimaxx XL helps to a great extent. It leads to insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain tissue of the fetus, especially in premature infants and immature, whose brain is much more vulnerable. The result may be a disorder that manifests itself after a few months i.e. the driving handicap. Cerebral palsy involves a range of other changes, e.g. behavior, speech, cognitive disorders, temperament etc. More restrained expression of a variety of disorders of the brain tissue, incurred before, during or after birth, it is called minimal brain dysfunction manifesting, causing clumsiness, reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), calculation (dyscalculia), spelling (dysorthography) distractibility, restlessness, motor restlessness, tremor, difficulty in establishing social contact, or aggressiveness etc. At home, a child can still prosper so-so. However, problems pile up with entering the school because it is significantly altered the ability of learning, i.e. get stuck cognitive function.

Cognimaxx XL helps children with brain dysfunction

How much do you think there are such children suffered from brain dysfunction? Light brain dysfunction is disproportionately happen more, confirmed by every primary school teacher. What to do with these children? We will punish them for restlessness and distractibility. For interfering with others in the classroom, they show aggression to others, a bad sign for clumsiness, disobedience, insolent behavior, etc. In advanced societies, there are teams of special education teachers caring for them, psychologists, speech therapists, build special centers to help these children. It is of course possible medicamentous influence, but not with a wide range of psychiatric drugs side effects, but just Cognimaxx XL affects biochemismus central nervous system and thus the learning process, especially memory.

The first principle of any change is to notice what helps and what helped. Not to forget about it. In a letter termed as effective this one thing: Cognimaxx XL. In your opinion, it will help. Then I see no reason not to use it again. Cognimaxx XL can have a positive effect on anxiety disorders. There are many effects between different people, so it is sometimes necessary to try more kinds until you find yours. If Cognimaxx XL suit to you, do not afraid of taking pills.

Any side effect?

If it’s a general fear of their possible side effects or adverse reactions of Cognimaxx XL, then I would like to point out one thing. Often the fear of the relatively limited side effects of modern antidepressants forget how strong and vital are the side effects that Cognimaxx XL refuses to take: dissatisfaction in life, growing anxiety, unproductive, damaged relationships and associated decreased self-esteem, more anxiety and depression. Therefore, consult your doctor or psychiatrist, whether it would not appropriate to return to Cognimaxx XL.

Cognimaxx XL improves the physiological state of the brain

If your symptoms come without apparent stimulus (e.g. disappointment, quarrel, a specific type of situations), but ambush you at once, then there is a high probability that they will have just greater coherence to the functioning of the brain (e.g. an imbalance in the production of neurotransmitters or a teenager, thanks uneven changes in aging brain, Cognimaxx XL may cause functioning of some structures is temporarily unbalanced). If anxiety symptoms manifest themselves in a particular situation, traceable, you can seek more psychological mechanisms or causes.

And therefore we highly recommend Cognimaxx XL to include other measures that can condition your brain greatly affect. These tips are added, of course, and are rehashed over and over again, but it is precisely because they are proving to be extremely important – so do not underestimate Cognimaxx XL! These measures are:

  • Makes sleep easy.
  • Stress reduction (relaxation techniques, yoga, regular routine, massage, sauna …).
  • Meditation. (Changes directly and indirectly to the functioning of your brain and your self-control, which is the course of anxiety is very important. Choose any single form that will attract you and your loved ones.
  • Healthy diet (avoiding chemicals in food, the impact on health), receive enough vitamins in your diet.

From the psychological means, of course, my advice is to consider the possibility of psychotherapy. In addition to psychotherapy, then I recommend to experiment and observe what works:

  • Consider some days or weeks when your symptoms are better. If so, try to ask yourself, what is different these days. It may not be logical: perhaps are the days when you have more work or vice versa days when you have less work. Just feel if you bothered a condition. And with this factor try to actively experiment. If you thought the fewer symptoms in the days when you have a lot of work, and then try to incorporate other days. A similar search for another context – this is a general principle.
  • Experiment randomly. If symptoms come (or generally on days when you would expect), you try to do something you normally do not do, of course within the limits of your safety. Ideas have no limits. Go for a walk, go among the people, let go of the music, take a bath, actively try to “think about the person who hurt you,” that is to control more of their thoughts. Experiment with various other activities, you can do normally during anxiety. Your task is to identify those that will help in your symptoms after which you feel better.

Acceptance is a prerequisite

Accept your symptoms and your anxiety. Do not run before. Do not be worried. That often we do things even harder. We are afraid of their anxiety and therefore doubled. On the contrary, accept the condition, he is coming. Say to yourself, yes, it’s me and it’s so good. I accept now, as I am, even with this anxiety. It does not mean that it is not trying to change. But simply accept what comes to watch it, be with it – and that monitoring and acceptances often find that we begin to gain some control or reduce the symptoms. And also keep using Cognimaxx XL

Do not know how strong and severe your symptoms are. But be aware, too, that to some extent, each of us may need to experience these states: the moment of exhaustion, emptiness, disbelief, anxiety. Maybe your problem is that they are experiencing more or experiencing stronger. The task then is maybe a little to use Cognimaxx XL to eliminate, reduce their strength. Not expected to cease altogether. But it is their taming and entertainment may become less burdensome and less stressful. Do not think that they can not function. You can postpone life up to the time when they stop. On the contrary, with depression and anxiety, you can be to try to live fully – and just retreat depression or anxiety may be as much a byproduct of engaging in meaningful activity, meaningful relationships and useful work.

Ingredients of Cognimaxx XL

The last twenty years, the effects of Cognimaxx XL studied by modern methods. Cognimaxx XL has 24% of flavonoid glycosides and 6% of terpenoids, terpene lactones. It is antagonists of platelet activating factor which reduces the organism inflammatory effect, smooth muscle contraction. Indications for GB dementia are chronic cerebral insufficiency, brain trauma and cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The mechanism of the Cognimaxx XL effect is increasing vascular perfusion and reducing trombotizace flavonoid antioxidant action, which is attributed to the neuro-protective ability to remove hydroxyl radicals and effect similar to superoxide dismutase. In several sub-studies and surveillance, effects have been repeatedly described as improved memory, reduce fatigue and improve conditions in anxious and depressive moods after taking the Cognimaxx XL for ACH and vascular dementia and multi-infarct dementia of mild intensity (DSMIIIR). Favorable results also show during a recent multi-center study in the USA. Cognimaxx XL was also used for impotence, especially during sexual dysfunction induced by antidepressants. The results need further verification. Yet it can also be difficult to assess the positive findings about the effect of Cognimaxx XL on arterial erectile dysfunction who have not responded to papaverine, but 50% of patients were potent after 12-18 months with doses of 1 capsule / day.

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